Frequently Asked Questions at Redhills Airsoft


Is Airsoft like Paintball?

Airsofters don’t really like being compared to paintball but it is similar in that it involves two teams playing against each other with lives, base camps and objectives. To be honest…it’s much better, fun and cheaper…we provide enough ammo so you don’t need to buy more. Airsoft is more realistic and the objectives are followed very closely by Marshals who ensure fairness and the rules being upheld so you have a great day’s gaming! That’s just our opinion but try it out for yourself and you’ll see what we mean.


Do I need to be experienced to play Airsoft?

Not at all – New Players join us at Redhills every week for our regular skirmish and a good percentage actually end up purchasing equipment from our recommended suppliers and get into the sport very quickly. We also rent out the site on Monday-Saturday for private group such as Stags, Corporate Days, Sports Teams and birthday parties.


Have you any other activities other than Airsoft?

Yes we do indeed. We recently launched Archery Tag, which is like Paintball with Bows and Arrows…a tame version of the Hunger Games lol! Its great fun and mobile so we can come to you. Min group size 6 people onsite. Prices from €20 per person. Min age 8 years. Its really great craic! We are one of the only official Archery Tag licensees in Ireland!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5Jlimvsuwo


Do I need to be part of a group or can I come with just a few friends or even on my own?

We are open to everyone whether on your own, with a few mates or as a large group.


What age do I need to be?

To play airsoft at Redhills you must be over 12 years of age +. We mix players of all ages and sexes together on the day onto two teams and you always get to play with who you come with.


Do I need to be fit?

We encourage players to take the day at their own pace, if running around like John Rambo isn’t your thing then pick a spot and practice your sniping skills. Take the day at your own pace and you’ll have a ball!


Is it safe – I mean does it hurt?

Airsoft is very safe and in order to work needs to make an impact so that the player through the clothes they are wearing can feel and more importantly call the hit. As a rental package you will be provided with full face protection and camo gear and we’ll recommend items of clothing that will ensure you have a fun and comfortable day. It’s not as painful as paintball and when hit you will feel a pinch which means you need to re-spawn!


Do I need my own gear?

Nope, we have plenty of all the gear you’ll need to be a soldier for the day and if you have your own Airsoft gun then that’s fine too. We cater for all levels new or expert


Is it expensive to play if I hooked?

Like any sport you can get started with a basic kit with all you need such as an assault rifle, camo gear and a mask and off you go. For those who like to go overboard…Airsoft and the gear you can buy knows no bounds. One of the greatest things about the sport is kitting yourself out with replica equipment of armed forces the world over.


How do I get there?

We are located only 5kms from Kildare Town and Kildare Village and only just over a half hour from the Red Cow. If you don’t have a car we have a taxi rate with Kildare cabs and the green bus services Kildare every hour as well as the train.