Redhills Airsoft – Our ethos…

Redhills Airsoft (RHA) is set on an old farm in Co.Kildare. The site consists of the Courtyard including the Officer’s Mess and The Cell, The Wood, The Tower and The Battlefield. The site also features a purpose built Safe Zone complete with ample table space, seating and a dedicated reception area with free Tea and Coffee all day.

At Redhills we aspire to providing our players (existing and new) with a great day’s gaming. With plenty of man made cover and natural cover, hard ground and shelter, we cope with all sorts of weather and in fact get have some of our best days in the Winter months believe it or not!

As Airsofters oursleves we aim to provide a challenging and enjoyable site. We openly encourage newcomers to try out the site to see it for themselves, you will be hooked. Large groups can request the site for the day exclusively to themselves.

At RHA we are big into fair play and operate a strict Marshalling policy. Our unique player numbering system means Marshalls can track players who might be “dodging their hits” or not playing fairly, its for everyone’s enjoyment afterall! In 2013 we plan to introduce an RHA Fair Player of the Month Award and through the player numbering system, we can monitor players who repeatedly infringe on the site’s rules. We Sin Bin players for repeat offences. 

Games range from team based deathmatches to objective based scenarios like Recon and Bomb Plant, we have soemthing for everyone’s tastes. Capture the Flag, VIP, Defend the Bunker, Territory and more. We also keep a record of best times and have some neat features in the pipeline. Player feedback is important and whilst we can’t always change or do everything, we’re certainly open to feedback, although privatley put is preferred, d’ont be a keyboard warrior, speak to us directly we don’t bite!

Come and check us out and see for yourself!

Be a soldier for day at RHA…

Open Sundays 10:30am – 5pm


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